Vision & Values

IF0A9344At Belswains Primary School children, their families, staff and the wider community work together to support each child to fulfil their potential in a safe, enjoyable and encouraging environment.

Our Values

Physical Wellbeing
We will promote a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of physical activities, healthy eating and healthy relationships. Teaching them to assess risks, to reduce the potential of harm to themselves or others. Developing a strong self-esteem and a sense of purpose.

We recognise and respect differences in race, religion, gender, ability, physical appearance or disability. We treat everybody the same, regardless of these differences. We have respect for ourselves and each other. We respect the property of others and our environment.

We will make work stimulating, challenging, fun and enjoyable to inspire learning for all. We will work to develop potential of whatever kind through an enriched curriculum and by providing a range of experiences.

We will encourage children to face different situations with feelings of ease, confidence and belief in our own capabilities – Showing determination to succeed whatever the challenge.

We will support every child to develop their independent learning, to achieve their full potential. We will recognise and celebrate each child’s individual strengths.



Pupil Code of Conduct :

At Belswains the children have their own Code of Conduct which they adhere to , and they are an important step in becoming model citizens of the future. Please click on the link below

Pupil Code of Conduct.



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