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Reception Jaguars

Sienna describing her model

Still image for this video

Sienna's description part 2

Still image for this video

Super science

Rian getting stuck into science
Exploring a boomerang
Separating colours
Maylie enjoying science
Look what I made
The finished product.
What can you see?

Design and create

Lily's model
Lily adding more detail
Adding a dash of colour!
Dani being a concentrating crocodile
Dani's final product
Dani exploring media - wow creative chameleon!
Maylie creating jewelry
Wow look at that design!
Sienna's design and her marvellous penguins!
Maylie's design
Decorating the parts
Maylie is busy connecting the pieces
Ta-da! I'm ready to go!

Exploring maths opportunities at home

Exploring Elephants

Great gardeners!

We have been busy writing!

Creative Chameleons

List of additional free websites and resources for home schooling

 Class Email :  Use this to contact the class teacher during school hours, whilst Belswains is closed.

       Please copy and paste the email address rather than click on it as a link - thank you


Hi Jaguars! Miss Giblin wants to say a big hello to everybody. I hope everyone is ok and I know that its very difficult for everybody. Please remember to listen to the guided meditation if you can, as it really helps with your worries, thought and feelings. I have been exercising and following some guided meditation for adults! That really helps me with my feelings and worries. Why not have another listen to 'The Colour Monster' if you are finding your feelings are a bit mixed up? If you would like to send me a message I am more than happy to listen to how you have been feeling, even Miss Giblin has been feeling worried! 

I hope you have a lovely day laugh

Love from Miss Giblin 

Good morning lovely Jaguars how are you? It really is a gorgeous day, so I plan on doing my school work outside in the garden. I wanted to share with you my first rose of the year which has appeared. It is a beautiful pink rose. It smells absolutely divine!

Do you like it? I can't wait to see the rest appearing. Have a lovely day.

Love from Miss Giblin heart



Good morning Jaguars! What a beautiful sunny day it is today! How have you been? I have been doing some school work, cooking and even painting. This is my colourful, bright and positive painting. I used a thin paintbrush to create this effect. I mixed red and yellow to create my own orange colour and then added a small bit of white to lighten it. I really enjoyed spending time in my garden painting this. I have decided to buy a frame for it and I will hang it up in my hallway. I love bursts of colour! Have you been doing any paintings? I would love to see them!

Have a lovely day.

Love from Miss Giblin heart


Good morning Jaguars! How are you today? It was a very wet, damp day yesterday but as Miss Clarke said, it really helps our environment we need it! When I looked out my window this morning it was great to see how much my plants, flowers and grass is growing. They are blooming! Thank you for sending in some pictures of your work and what you have been up to. If you didn't send in anything yet, why not try and email me this week? It could be just something small such as a hello, it would be really lovely to hear from you. 

Have a lovely day!

Love from Miss Giblin heart

Good morning lovely Jaguars! How are you feeling today? Although life is very different right now and can be uncertain, we can use this time to help us get better at things. I have been using my time improving my baking and cooking skills and using new ingredients. I have also been exercising quite a lot and its helping me to become really fit and boosts my energy. Think about what skill you want to improve while being at home. It could be painting, drawing, creating or helping your brothers and sisters. Have a chat with your family about what you would like to do.

Missing you all so much!

Love from Miss Giblin smileyheart

Hello Jaguars how are you? I hope that you and your families are doing well and that you are all keeping safe. How did you spend your weekend? This weekend I had an idea to set up an afternoon tea at home with my family. I made homemade scones they were delicious with butter and jam. We had tuna and sweetcorn and ham sandwiches. Afterwards we had some little treats. I watered my garden and my roses are finally starting to appear! Why not send me a quick message as I would love to hear from you? Miss Giblin really misses you all and our routines. Speak soon!

Miss Giblin laugh




Discovering Dinosaurs

EYFS Story hunt (Jaguars)

Welcome to Reception at Belswains Primary School.