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Year 1

Class Email : use this to contact the class teacher during school hours, whilst Belswains is closed:


Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

If you want to practice your handwriting please watch the video. In school we practice 2 lines of each letter or word every day or 2.
If you practice 3 letters a day/every other day , after a few days/weeks you can move on to 3/4 letter words. The hardest letters tend to be those that need to be below the line. For example q/g/p/j. F and K are tricky as the children are not used to forming these in cursive form (ready for joining)
If your childs writing is already joined practice copying sentences from books or generally writing sentences of their own.

Morning everyone

keep the photos coming, your work is great to see and all the things you are getting up to. After todays work, its officially half term so there will be no work provided for the week. Then I will be in school with some of you. There will still be work provided for home schooling so dont give up just yet. Have a lovely break at home and enjoy your walks. Stay safe.

How To Draw A Biplane (EASY)

Today I show you how to draw a Biplane! thats an old fashioned plane with 2 wings... it's super easy and super fun !!! Share your drawings with me on Instagr...

'ure' Words | Phonics Phase 3 | Segmenting & Blending

Let's sound out some 'ure' words! To sound out the words without help from me, simply mute the video. For more Phonics Segmenting and Blending activities, wa...


This amazing story time read aloud for key stage 1 is perfect for primary school children to learn about space! Bob has a very important job and has to a bus...

Lets go fly a kite

Lets go fly a kite 1
Lets go fly a kite 2
Lets go fly a kite 3
Lets go fly a kite 4
Lets go fly a kite 5
Lets go fly a kite 6
Lets go fly a kite 7

Hi everyone, well we are into week 9 now. How are you coping?  It was a quiet weekend for me, not getting up to much. Its going to be a nice week, so enjoy the sunshine.

Todays work is below. We are starting a new book this week. I hope you like it.

Morning, its going to be a lovely day today.

Have fun and have a good weekend.

Just to say if you're logging on early, the pshe video may not be there - having trouble uploading it - will try again later.

Its on You Tube the 4min version if you want it.

Also:  The reading task - just look at page 1 of the document (you do not have to answer the questions). I have set something else for it.


Still image for this video

Morning everyone,

I was so excited to see all your photos of the kites you made. They were great. And what a good day to make them, perfect for flying. I was thrilled to know how good they were. (If you click on the photos they become bigger to see properly)

Todays work isn't too hard, but the History requires help with reading of the powerpoint for background knowledge. You don't have to do it today if you feel it's too much, or, you can read it and summarise for your children.  

Well done to Katie for winning the BSA competition and thank you all for your VE day photos. It is lovely to see you all taking part in activities and having fun. Take care x

Morning I hope you all had a great weekend. How was VE Day?  I made one of the cakes on the recipes I put up. It actually tasted like my nans bread pudding she used to make, so it brought back happy memories. I put some photos on the slideshow. It was also my daughters birthday this weekend so it was quite a busy day on the doorstep. 

I hope you like this weeks activities. Also Ive added a link to a site called Out of the ark. It's a singing site with words to follow if you want to have a look. They seem to have put a song up for every day over the whole of lockdown so there is lots to listen to.  Its not something I have set so dont feel you have to go around your house singing songs!

Have a nice day.


Lesson 4 - Step 1 - Find a half (1)

This is "Lesson 4 - Step 1 - Find a half (1)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

How to make a Kite from a plastic bag

A little tutorial on how to make a kite from a plastic carrier bag.

Morning all, There will be no work set tomorrow as it is officially a Bank Holiday as it is VE Day. I hope whatever you have planned to celebrate the occassion goes well. It will be a lovely day, so I expect to see some great photos. Also I have just seen on the BSA page facebook that there is a competition for you all to take part in related to VE Day.  All you have to do is create something for VE Day take a photo, stating childs name and class and send it via email to the  Closing date is 10th May. Prizes to be won. You can send in a pic of something you have already created or try something new. Good luck.

 If you are completely bored take a look at Miss Caves page (senco) for a science activity or story etc and the Yr1 and Yr2 music attached, as well as looking through Oxford Owls and all the other links for our class. 

I have started another slideshow. You have been doing so well with your Andy Goldsworthy Art. Very creative.

I will put a picture up of my egg free VE day cake when I make it. And I will try and take some pictures of the celebrations here.

Dont forget to clap tonight and have a lovely weekend. x

"Run, Rabbit Run" - Tom Carradine's VE Day Sing-a-long

Learn "Run, Rabbit Run" for my special VE Day sing-a-long live stream on Thursday 7th May 2020 at 11am BST.

A selection of war time songs from World War 2.

I've loved hearing the different ways people have come to know this song over the years. Some people heard it long ago, some heard it the first time very rec...

Morning everyone, looks like its going to be a lovely day today, so enjoy the sunshine.

I am putting together another slideshow for you all, the photos are fantastic and its great to see all the good work you have been doing and how you are keeping active. 

For those of you who havent found Oxford Owls reading yet, I have made a general login. Its a free website at the moment with more (yes more) reading books online. It follows the reading levels we use in school. If you want to try it out I have added the link below. Feel free to look at books above and below what was your childs reading level for a variety of texts. Hope this is helpful.



Username is belswains

password is Year1


are words - Phonics - care, share, spare

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...

Lesson 3 - Step 7 - Make equal groups (sharing)

This is "Lesson 3 - Step 7 - Make equal groups (sharing)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

 Hi there, as well as todays work I have added a snakes and ladders game for phonics. Its just for fun, can be played at any time or you can make your own version of it.  

Morning everyone, it sounds like the weather is going to be better this week so we may be able to go out more. Friday is VE Day so I will be setting tasks related to that. I haven't done much this week - eating lots and watching a lot of TV. Hopefully I will be back in my garden. Your work is amazing keep it up and the photos are fab. 

Have a lovely week xx

Lesson 2 - Step 6 - Make equal groups (grouping)

This is "Lesson 2 - Step 6 - Make equal groups (grouping)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

How to Make a Paper Airplane (EASY)

HOW TO MAKE A PAPER AIRPLANE (EASY) - Make a classic dart style paper airplane with this step by step tutorial! :-) UPDATED and SLOWER VERSION OF THIS VIDEO ...

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Morning everyone.

Keep the photos coming, you are doing so well with your work and its good to see you getting out and about when its safe. Make the most of the weather and remember to be kind to the people in your house.  I have put photos into the slideshow below.  Missing you all xx

5 Minute Superhero Kids Workout | Summit Area YMCA

Enjoy a fun, quick 5 minute workout with your child as you battle imaginary enemies with jabs, punches, kicks and slices! Choreographed by Sonya P., Summit A...

Morning. Hope you are all well and had a good weekend.

Just to let you know the comparing traditional tales sheet you dont have to print out. You can just write the name of the tale in your books or on paper. (I know the books are nearly full now) and complete it as a list.

There may not be enough room to write on the actual sheet if your writing is quite big. You dont have to write sentences.  ie: plot for cinderella - evil stepmother stops her going to the ball. Cinderella goes to the ball meets the prince.  ending- they lived happily ever after

All photos that have been sent to me are on the slideshow below. Your poems are excellent and flying machines and dragons fantanstic. Well done to you all. xx


Morning my lovely Year 1s.

I have made a new slideshow of some of the work and photos you have been sending me. Noah your fab poster is attached below as it isnt a photo. You have the whole weekend to do these tasks, so enjoy the weather while you can.  Apart from work I have attached a scavenger hunt to do when you go on a walk sometime. Just tick the things you see. Enjoy xx

Icarus and Daedalus | Greek Mythology Stories | Ancient Greek History

Icarus and Daedalus | Greek Mythology Stories | Ancient Greek History The Short Story. Daedalus is a brilliant inventor-the Thomas Edison of his day. Unfortu...

Noahs poster from Earth Day

Hi there, I'm really enjoying your photos. The posters and photos of your Earth Day information is great. Also I'm glad to see your Maths and English are progressing well. Today is St Georges Day. He is the Patron Saint of England. I have attached a powerpoint of a simple story about him and some choices of activities you can do. (There are some different pictures of dragons to pick from to draw or copy.) Dont forget to clap for the Key workers tonight. Love Mrs Farrow x
Sorry I forgot to put up the poem xx


Today is Earth Day.  So I have added some photos of the World and some of how it is being destroyed. The last attachment is how we can help prevent pollution.  Feel free to talk about how even the smallest things like throwing away rubbish properly or recycling can help make the world a better place.   We are continuing with our poem for English. Just pick the colours you want to use and some objects.  By Friday you will have written your own colour poems.  I have also attached a 100 square for support in adding and counting. I have tried to make it practical today.  I have also put in a you tube  video for a change from Joe Wicks if you want to give it a try - Les Mills workouts.

Have fun. x

air Words | Phase 3 Phonics

Let's sound out some 'air' words! If you would like your children to sound out independently, simply mute the video. For more Phonics Segmenting and Blending...

MOVE LIKE THE AVENGERS | Marvel x Les Mills 5-minute Kids Workout

What happens when Marvel's Super Heroes, The Avengers, combine forces with Les Mills and fitness legends Diana Mills and Bas Hollander? Millions of children ...

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a nice Easter even if it wasnt quite what you had planned. I have been in my garden doing lots of digging.  I have done a couple of puzzles (1 was 700 pieces) and sorted my sons Lego from when when he was 6. Hes 16 now!! I've built quite a few Lego models. With the nice weather I have dragged my daughter out and have  been on lots of walks. I even found somewhere where there are lots of bluebells. I have put a couple of pictures into the slideshow below. 

This term our topic is History based, looking at the History of Flight and Science is all about Seasonal changes. I will be adding a few things for you to do related to these.  Enjoy your day.xx

Morning everyone

It's officially the Easter Holidays so I won't be setting work everyday for the next 2 weeks.  However, I have put up some work for you to do should you get bored. It is small topic work on Queen Victoria. Do a bit every day if you want. Add pictures, (photos if you complete it on a laptop) put captions with your pictures. Write sentences - maybe make a book on her.  It can be as detailed or simple as you like. 


Also I have added some Easter sheets, the Easter story , some recipes and a time capsule which has some nice activities to do to remember this time when we are at home. (You may have seen it on Facebook)  This is just extra I thought would be fun - you dont have to do any of it.


Daily work

Keep up the Mathletics and reading everyday, and dont forget your phonics, spelling of key words and handwriting. (Writing doesnt have to be joined, but make sure the letters are formed properly - see the video below the slideshow)


I have put up a slideshow of the lovely photos you have sent me. If you have anything you would like to show everyone - photos/drawings/work/baking or a letter to the class please send it to me and I will put it on here for us all to see.  It cheers me up when you send me things and I would love to cheer you up too.  


I will put something up over the Easter weekend so keep checking the webpage.  And dont forget to help out around the house.

Take care xx

Morning everyone.

Hope you are still well and keeping positive.

Keep the photos coming, Im loving them. The weather's not so nice this week but even though you may not be able to get out, I hope you're not too bored. I get bored just like you and apart from watching TV, I am doing puzzles and tidying up, even doing things I dont like such as washing up, ironing and chores!! Remember to have a go at cosmic yoga or phonics play, or try drawing things from you tube, like we did in school. Play games with your families and try not to argue too much.  Missing you x

Hi everyone

It took me ages to figure out how to get the video on here. I had to do it on my phone. It wont be up for long but I thought Id say hello. 

Hope you're enjoying working from home. It's only the 2nd week and it feels like a lifetime. Keep up the good work and don't eat everything in site! Us grown ups are not allowed out every day to buy food all the time smiley

Remember to keep safe.

(I have put in a handwriting sheet to show you what the capital letters look like. Don't forget to use neat writing, trying to write the letters the correct way.)



Still image for this video

How to Draw a Crown

Have a go at drawing your own crown.

Good morning everyone

Hope you are all well.

The work set for today may seem a lot so spread it out over the weekend as Im not setting anything else until Monday.  There are 3 compound word sheets. Look at them all and PICK 1 that you want to do. If you want to do them all you can but you don't have to.  I hope you are staying away from everyone and keeping safe. If your're bored write to me by email or send me a photo or picture with something you have done or tell me a joke.    I love hearing from you all. 

Hi there

I believe there may be some concern about the quantity of Mathletics I assigned.  Please dont feel you have to do it all in one go, I had put lots on there as some children had done all the tasks and I didnt want them to feel they couldnt do more. 

So now I have unassigned tasks and you can explore to your hearts content, or not, however you choose.  We are looking at capacity next week. This term was covering place value to 50 and addition and subtraction, so please practice these too.

Sorry for any confusion.

igh Words | Phase 3 Phonics

Let's sound out some 'igh' words! If you would like your children to sound out independently, simply mute the video. 🚨 SUBSCRIBE


Hi everyone,

Below are a few links to various websites you might find useful and fun to keep you busy.

I will refer to some of these as well when setting you some work. 

Our topics are plants, seasons, kings and queens and the history of flight. Every now and again I will ask you to do something related to these.

Please dont feel obligated to sit your child down for hours on end each day to complete work. Go at a pace you and your child are happy with. 

Make the most of this time together and stay safe.

skipping workshop

List of additional free websites and resources for home schooling

Year 1 Cooking and Nutrition - fruit skewers

Cooking and Nutrition - Apple crumbles