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Year 1 Leopards

Class Email : use this to contact the class teacher during school hours, whilst Belswains is closed:


Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

If you want to practice your handwriting please watch the video. In school we practice 2 lines of each letter or word every day or 2.
If you practice 3 letters a day/every other day , after a few days/weeks you can move on to 3/4 letter words. The hardest letters tend to be those that need to be below the line. For example q/g/p/j. F and K are tricky as the children are not used to forming these in cursive form (ready for joining)
If your childs writing is already joined practice copying sentences from books or generally writing sentences of their own.

Art Lesson Online: Make outstanding patterns with collage & simple shapes. Great for home or school!

In this tutorial you will learn a great teaching technique to help pupils create exciting, original patterns using simple shapes. One of the keys to a succes...

Morning, It was so lovely to see you all yesterday. I hope you had fun. It was a shame I couldnt come in for a proper chat and say hello. But if anyone still wants to do some work I'll be setting it for today and tomorrow. As Friday is always a fun day with videos and games I wont be setting anything.

Have a lovely summer holiday, I may bump into you at the shops, you never know. If not I will see you all on the playground in September. Enjoy yourselves love Mrs Farrow x

Good morning everyone.

For Maths today pick the sheets you want to do. I have included several as children tend to learn at different paces for time and I only have 2 weeks of it. They only really need the hour and half hour but I know some are confident to do more, so feel free to pick and choose. 

On Monday and Tuesday I'm hoping to see most of you so I wont be putting any work online as you will be in school and I know Mrs Shoesmith has many great ideas for you.  Next week is officially your last week in Year 1, so work wont be taxing (except Maths).  

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

How to draw LIGHTHOUSE for kids

Let's learn how to draw lighthouse for kids This is a very simple and easy Lighthouse drawing. You may call it as step by step drawing as well. To give it a ...

How To Draw Sailing Ship Easy

Thanks for watching our Channel. how to draw ship for kids, how to draw ship step by step, how to draw ship easy, how to draw ship step by step easy, how to ...

Well another week has gone. It feels like its flying by.  I have added some photos of our ice creams we made yesterday in class and a couple of pictures on the playground. There are many pine cones on the ground now and the children hae been using them to make pictures.  I hope you all have a great weekend.

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor Sing A Long

The Pirate Song (When I was one)

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Give Us A Story!

Mr. Grinling, the lighthouse keeper, finds himself in a titanic battle between good and evil with some ravenous seagulls. See how he comes out on top with a ...

Well its the weekend. Yeh!!  I hope you are all ok and looking after yourselves. I'm pleased to hear some of you have been visiting each other and are keeping busy.  It is very hot in class we are all melting, like the ice creams you made - which look fantastic! We decorated gingerbread men yesterday so I have added some pictures of us in school today and the pictures of Owen and George are there too.

Have a lovely weekend.

Make a paper ice cream

"KIDS CRAFT renamed as Pallavi Drawing Academy" If you like this video, Please Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment and also click on Bell icon so that you can...

The Frog Prince #ReadAlong StoryBook Video For Kids Ages 2-7

Learn to read with Beauty and the Beast read along storybook retold by Juliane Caillouette and illustrated by Alex Uyeno. For more great books, download the ...

Hansel and Gretel - Story for children

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Morning its a lovely day today. Should you feel its time to do some work I have attached some money sheets and contraction sheets below. The Elves and Shoemaker is a video you can follow along as they read to you. And the Parable of the Lost Sheep is below that.

Have a lovely day x

The Elves and the Shoemaker - Fairy tales and stories for children

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How To Draw An Ice Cream Tower (Folding Surprise)

Learn how to draw an ice cream tower with folding! 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazon affiliate links): Sharpie Markers Printer Paper http://...

Morning, just to say keep sending in your photos.

Katie and Emily thank you for the updates. Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Have a good day x

How To Draw A Biplane (EASY)

Today I show you how to draw a Biplane! thats an old fashioned plane with 2 wings... it's super easy and super fun !!! Share your drawings with me on Instagr...

Lets go fly a kite


Still image for this video

How to make a Kite from a plastic bag

A little tutorial on how to make a kite from a plastic carrier bag.

How to Make a Paper Airplane (EASY)

HOW TO MAKE A PAPER AIRPLANE (EASY) - Make a classic dart style paper airplane with this step by step tutorial! :-) UPDATED and SLOWER VERSION OF THIS VIDEO ...

Noahs poster from Earth Day

skipping workshop

List of additional free websites and resources for home schooling

Year 1 Cooking and Nutrition - fruit skewers

Cooking and Nutrition - Apple crumbles