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Year 3 Rosen

List of additional free websites and resources for home schooling

Class Email: Use this to email the class teacher during school hours, whilst Belswains is closed.

                     Please copy and paste the email address rather than click on it as a link- thank you


Happy Easter to all the parents and children of Year 3 Rosen

We are not setting work over the Easter holiday.

We hope that you have a lovely break and don't eat too much chocolate. 

We will continue putting work on to the website at the start of the Summer Term (Tuesday 21st April 2020).

A message to the children from Mrs Trimby and Mrs Fielding

Links to the websites we will be using

Maths Work for the Week Beginning 30.03.20



Red group work through Number and Place Value to 100 1 and 2.

Blue and Green Group work through Number and Place Value (2).


Again there are a set of practical tasks/games that you could do or some paper/worksheet activities. Choose the ones that suit you best. you do not need to do all of them from both sets. 

Look very carefully at Wednesdays worksheet activity, you are becoming experts in place value now, make sure you read the instructions.

Paper based/Worksheet Activities

Look for your child's group.

Topic Week Beginning 30.03.20
English work for Week Beginning 23.03.20

Maths Work for the Week beginning 23.03.20



Green and Blue group- work through Number and Place Value 1 (the first unit on the purple topic page). This works out as around 3 activities per day.

Red Group-  work through Number and Place Value- Counting (the first unit on the purple topic page). This works out as around 2 activities per day. You may also want to look at Number and Place Value to 100 (1).


Your child should know what group they are in. 

The work set should be at your child's level. If you feel that it is not right for your child, send an email to the class address and we can look at it together. 

There will also be a problem solving task set later in the week (once I've worked out how to do it!).


I have set additional tasks below that you can choose a selection from. There is a list of more practical or computer-based tasks and a set of paper-based or print out tasks. You do not need to do all of them. Choose whichever suits you best, pick from either list each day.


Paper-based or Print out tasks

Where possible there are three different levels of the task (Red, Blue, Green), look through the whole document to find the correct sheet. Your child should know which task to do and they only need to complete one. If you are able to print out you can, otherwise children can just write the answers straight into their homework books or other paper you may have. The days are just a suggested order that compliment the Mathletics Activities for the week.

General Year 3 information