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Year 6

Class Email : Use this to contact the class teacher during school hours, whilst Belswains is closed:


Oak Academy Home-Learning

 Oak National Academy have sets of English,Maths and other subject lessons. All are videos made by teachers that you can follow along to.  They also have clubs (art/debate etc.) and faith assemblies. Link below.

Week Beg - 22nd June


Monday - Friday

Watch and complete BBC Bitesize activities for Maths and English. 

Alternatively watch the White Rose maths videos (link below) and complete sheets


Complete BBC Bitesize - History - The Kingdom of Benin - 22nd June

                                         Design and Tech - Food and nutrition - 25th June

                                         French - Food and drink - Friday 26th June

Isolation Activity Ideas for Older Children

UPDATED Year 6 FRENCH WB 18th May 2020

Maths - Week Beg 11th May - Bitesize Daily


Mon - Challenges (dated 24th April) - Children who work on Challenge 1 (start on challenge 1 and work through for at least 45 mins)

                                                         - Children who work on Challenge 2/3 (start on challenge 3 and work through for at least 45 mins)

Tues - If you work on Challenge 1 in class, please do Rounding Numbers (dated 20th April)

         - If you work on Challenge 2/3 in class, please do Rounding Decimals (dated 21st April)

Wed - Challenges (dated 1st May) - Children who work on Challenge 1 (start on challenge 1 and work through for at least 45 mins)

                                                       - Children who work on Challenge 2/3 (start on challenge 3 and work through for at least 45 mins)

Thurs - Negative Numbers (dated 22nd April)

Fri - Challenges (dated 15th May) - Children who work on Challenge 1 (start on challenge 1 and work through for at least 45 mins)

                                                      - Children who work on Challenge 2/3 (start on challenge 3 and work through for at least 45 mins)


Other Subjects - Week Beg - 11th May 


Science - Present your facts about Carl Linnaeus. This could be in the form of a poster, powerpoint, video of you being Carl Linnaeus and answering questions etc.

History - 2nd week on your last History project.

Computing - Bitesize Daily (dated 7th May) - Algorithms and Debugging

Geography- Bitesize Daily (dated 28th April) - Trade and Economic Activity

French - French activity set by Miss Cave



Week Beg - 04/05/20


Hi Everyone. I hope you are all still well and not too bored yet. Remember, this is a really good opportunity to be learning a new skill. I am looking forward to hearing all about them.

The good news is that Friday is Bank Holiday so I won't be setting any work for then. I'm going to set some more work from the BBC Bitesize Daily. Please note that the Maths activities are from the previous week as this weeks Maths is work that we have all ready covered since you have been home-schooling.

Parents/Children - I would be really grateful for any feedback on these resources. It is important that the children are doing some work each day but not stressing. I am aware that for some of you it can be a battle (believe me, I know as my daughters are home-schooling too). 45 minutes on each activity is enough as long as your child is trying their best. You can also top up the amount of work they do with Mathletics and Literacy Toolbox.

Take care of yourselves and I have my fingers crossed that I will see you all soon.

Mrs Hood


Maths (Remember this is last weeks dates - see message above)

Monday - 27/04/20 - Multi-step addition and subtraction problems

Tuesday - 28/04/20 - Short and long multiplication

Wednesday - 29/04/20 - Identify common factors, common multiples and prime numbers

Thursday - 30/05/20 - Order of operations



Monday - 04/05/20 - To investigate setting descriptions and context.

Tuesday - 05/05/20 - To use personification effectively in a setting description.

Wednesday - 06/05/20 - To use relative clauses to add detail to a setting description.

Thursday - 07/05/20 - Reading lesson - Tell Me No Lies by Malorie Blackman


Other Subjects - (One each day)

History - Start project 3 - You have two weeks to complete.

Science - New Topic - All living things. Create a factfile about Carl Linnaeus including what he is remembered for. You have 2 weeks to complete this task and can present however you choose eg powerpoint, poster, leaflet etc. I suggest that you do the research on one week and present it the following week.

Geography- Bitesize Daily - The World (lesson was on 28th April)

RE - Set by Miss Cave



Year 6 I'll Go Wherever You Will Go by Miss Cave

A song for Year 6 to help with their songwriting task this week.

Work Beginning 27/04/20


Hi Everyone. I hope you are all keeping well and working hard. It's also important to be having fun and time to relax especially when the sun is shining. Here is your work for this week. 

Maths Activities - Please find the activities for the week above. Use the same powerpoint as last week to support the learning. I shall include the slide numbers next to the objective for the day.


Monday (27.04.20) - Calculate fractions of an amount - Slides 35,36,37,38

Tuesday (28.04.20) - Calculate decimal equivalents of fractions - Slides 39,40,41,42

Wednesday (29.04.20) - Value of each digit in numbers to 3 dp - Slides 43,44,45,46,47 (Everyone work through the sheets . Spend up to 45 mins on them)

Thursday (30.04.20) - Order and compare numbers with up to 3dp - Slides 48,49,50,51,52,53

Friday (01.05.20) - Rounding decimal numbers - Slides 65,66, 67,68,69


Continue with Mathletics Activities.

English Activities - 27.04.20


I am trying a new resource for this weeks daily English lessons. It provides the children with information/videos before the activity. It's a new resource that has been set up specifically for home-schooling so I would be really interested to have any feedback from parents or children on how they find it. Unfortunately, it only sets the English lesson the day before so I will have to add the activity on a daily basis (I'm hoping that this might change).


To access the activities, please follow these instructions.


Website - Bitesize Daily


- Daily lessons for homeschooling - BBC Bitesize

- Year 6/P7


- Monday 27/04/20 - Using punctuation and paragraphs.

- Tuesday 28/04/20 - Commas, brackets and dashes (Bitesize Daily)

Wednesday 29.04.20 - Bitesize daily - Bullet Points (spend approx 45 mins completing the activities)

Thursday 30.04.20 - Bitesize Daily - Hyphens and dashes (spend approx 45 mins completing the activities)

Friday 01.05.20 - Bitesize Daily - Reading lesson 'The London Eye Mystery' (spend 45 mins completing the activities)

Week Beg 27/04/20
Please choose one activity per day from the other subjects section. There are 5 activities including the French activity at the top of the page.

Other Subjects


History - Continue with Project 2 (each project should last 2 weeks)

Music - Bitesize Daily

            Daily lessons for home-schooling - BBC Bitesize

            Year 6/P7

            Music block - 23rd April - Singing with feeling

            Choose one activity to complete.


PSHE - Bitesize Daily

             Daily lessons for home-schooling - BBC Bitesize

             Year 6/P7

             Wellbeing - 24th April - Starting Secondary School


Please feel free to complete any other activities/lessons from the previous week on the Bitesize Daily. Choose activities that you think you will be interested in.



Science - Bitesize Daily

                Year 6/P7

                Science block - 22 April - The Solar System lesson

Week Beginning 20/04/20


Hi Everyone. I hope you had a good rest over the Easter Holidays and managed to get outside for some exercise and fresh air.

Please find your work for this week below.



Please use the powerpoint to help with any work that you don't understand. I shall give you the slide number needed for the work. 

Please use the powerpoint to help understanding of the work set. Khan Academy is also a good website to help with understanding. I have also included the answers so that you can check whether the work is correct.

On some of the days, there is one worksheet for all the children. On other days, there are 3 worksheets. 


1 star at the bottom = Challenge 1

2 stars at the bottom = Challenge 2

3 stars at the bottom = Challenge 3


Your child should know what challenge they usually do in class. If not, please email me to ask. I am happy if you feel that they can do the challenge above or if they are finding it too difficult then the challenge below.


Monday - Use common factors to simplify fractions. Slides 4,5,6,7,8

Tuesday - Compare and order fractions. Slides 14,15,16,17,18,19,20

Wednesday - Add/Subtract fractions (2 worksheets). Slides 21,22,23,24,25,26

Thursday - Multiply fractions. Slides 27, 28, 29, 30

Friday - Dividing fractions. Slides 32,33,34



Please choose own activities from Mathletics. Concentrate on the areas that you find difficult not the ones that you find easy.

French and RE work from Miss Cave for WB 20/04/20

English - Week Beginning 20/04/20


Please find the activities below for your child to complete. Your child should know what challenge they usually do in class (if not, please email to ask). 

Same system as the Maths.


1 star = Challenge 1

2 stars = Challenge 2

3 stars = Challenge 3


Monday - Write a personal report about being in lockdown (remember, this time period will be remembered as History). Incude details, eg, home schooling, clapping for the NHS, social distancing, restuarants/shops etc being closed. Include the activities that you have done at home and also your feelings. This is a piece of work that you should keep to help you to remember and to show to your own children/grandchildren.

Tuesday - Michael Morpurgo Reading Comprehension (3 levels of challenge)

Wednesday - Spellings Wordsearch (3 levels of challenge)

Thursday - Uplevelling sentences (3 levels of challenge/more than one worksheet per challenge)

Friday - Rainforest Reading Comprehension (3 levels of challenge)


Other Subjects - Week Beginning 20/04/20


History - Choose your 2nd History project. Remember this should take you two weeks.

Science - Read through the powerpoint on the Rainforest adaptation.

Activity 1 - Slide 18. Complete table

Activity 2 - Slide 20. Design own perfect plant

Week Beg 30.03.20


Hi Everyone. Hope you are all well and not too bored yet. Here is your work for this week (I won't be setting any for the following 2 weeks as it's Easter Hols)




1. Tenses Sheet

2. Capital letter

3. Commas

4. Phrases and clauses

5. Test 3 and 4 Reading Comp Tests




Day 6 to Day 10 (Maths Booklet)

Set Mathletics activities (I'm happy if you want to do extra)

Time table sheets 


History - Continue with one of the projects


Art - Project on collage about saving planet


List of additional free websites and resources for home schooling