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Catch-Up Premium


  • In June 2020 the government announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up on missed learning caused by coronavirus (COVID19). 
  • Mainstream schools received £80 for each pupil from Reception to Year 6.
  • At Belswains Primary School, we made a Bounce Back Plan which gave every pupil (from Reception to Year 6) the opportunity recieve tuition from a qualified teacher.
  • This was to address the gaps formed during the COVID lockdowns. 



  • Each phase of this plan focuses on a certain year group.
  • Pupils are offered 7 tutoring sessions (in groups of 4).
  • Pupils are grouped according to the skills and knowledge they need to work on.
  • Pupil’s gaps in learning are determined by their class teacher, they then liaise with the tutor. 
  • These sessions will take place before or after school, so they are in addition to their class learning.
  • On completion of their tutoring, each pupil receives a Bounce Back Certificate highlighting what they have learnt in these session.