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School Council


The children democratically elect two children from each class to represent their opinions and ideas on the School Council. There is an election every year so that children can have the opportunity to influence school policies, raise money for charities such as 'Children in Need' and present their ideas for improving the school and playtime equipment. The School Council raise issues relating to school rules and report back to their classes and Governor meetings. Children from the School Council have been involved in the interview process of new members of staff including the Headteacher and Deputy.The School Council meets every few weeks with one of the senior teachers. Children from the School Council can be identified by their badges.

School Council Representatives


Firecrests - Luca & Samaya

Goldcrests - Max & Sophia

Starlings - Edvards & Isla

Swifts - Luca & Amelie

Jays - Darcy & Henry

Redwings - Thomas & Alex

Nigtingales - Owen & Olivia

Eagles - Luke & Maxwell

Falcons - Mathew & Jimi

Redkites - Amelia & Ella-May



KS2 School Council visit local care home

Odd Socks Day - An opportunity for the children to express themselves and celebrate individuality.