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Owls Year 4

Meet the Staff.

Welcome to Year 4.


Year 4 is an exciting year for the children. Our first Y4 topic, ‘Invasion’, we will explore invasions of England ranging from the Romans to the Picts and the Scots, to the Anglo-Saxons. We will consider why the invaders were so keen to come and the legacy they left behind.

With our ‘Digestive System’ topic, we’ll go on an adventure through the digestive system. We’ll begin our voyage in the mouth with molars, canines and incisors and twist our way through intestinal tubes to an interesting end…

In our ‘States of Matter’ topic we will discover scientific mixtures, strange concoctions and states of matter. Get your goggles ready!

In our ‘Winding Rivers and Misty Mountains” We will be learning all about the rivers of the world. How can they change our landscape? Where do they go? How are V-shaped valleys formed?

Next, is ‘Exciting Egyptians’. Discover powerful and brave Egyptians who built the mind-blowing Pyramids. We will be wrapped up in awe with their mummification techniques.  Before long, we’ll meet the famous Pharaohs of their time!

Meet the Teachers

Key Information.



Homework will be given out on a Wednesday to be handed in on Mondays.

There will be spellings, some English and a piece of Maths.



PE will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday.