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Belswains Travel Plan and Junior Travel Ambassadors



Belswains are pleased to announce we have achieved our Bronze accreditation from Modeshift Stars Travel Plan. This means we are encouraging our pupils and staff to be active members in reducing air pollution in our local area and keeping fit and healthy. 


As a school we want the very best for our pupils, not only educationally but also for their health and safety.  So our travel plan is designed to encourage children to walk, cycle or scoot to and from school, helping to increase pupils’ independence, safety, health and fitness.   

To help with this we are giving our pupils the skills they need to stay safe on the streets. This year we hope to help children to learn to ride scooters and bikes safely, they will be looking at how and where to cross the road appropriately. We also plan to have visits from GIST to make children aware of the danger of crossing around lorries and large vehicles. We encourage walking to school and hope to take part in National Incentives  such as Clean Air Day. 


We know there will always be parents who have to drive because of the distance they are away from the school, or they may need to go straight to work, so we have been asking children to see if they can get their parents to park a little further away from school and walk down one road once a week. We call this park and stride. We hope by encouraging a more eco- friendly way to travel to school, we will also be improving our local environment. 

Hertfordshire Savercard

If your children need to travel by bus or train at any time, you can get cheaper travel for 11-19 year olds by clicking on the link below and buying a Hertfordshire Savercard.


Students aged 11 to 19 can receive half price bus travel with the Hertfordshire Saver Card at an annual fee of £20. 

If they are aged 16 to 25,they can receive 1/3 off train travel. Cost is £30 a year or £70 for 3 years.