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Belswains Primary School home page


Primary School

Who's Who

Headteacher – Mrs N Claridge
Deputy Headteacher – Mr C Payne

Assistant Headteacher- Mrs R Attanasio 


Support Staff



Mrs  CulleyMrs Hetherington (Early Years Practioner)







Mrs Smith

Miss Johnson



Miss Pawson (EYFS lead)

Miss Hickson (Early Years Practioner)

Miss Bradbury (Teaching Assistant)


Miss Dakin (Early Years Practioner)

Mrs Mooney (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1



Year 1


Miss Prowen



Mrs Shoesmith

Mr Wheeler

Miss Danks (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Manning(Learning Support Assistant)



Miss Azulay (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss Cutler (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss Batchelor (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2



Year 2


Mrs Trimby

Mr Wheeler



Miss Clarke (KS1 Lead)

Miss Ellemore (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Ellis (Learning Support Assistant) (am)

Mrs Devins (Learning Support Assistant)



Mrs Cox (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Miss Bhatti (Learning Support Assistant)

Year 3



Year 3


Miss Sears



Miss Finn

Mrs Seabright (Teaching Assistant)



Mrs Gazza (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Price (Learning Support Assistant)

Year 4



Year 4 Owls


Mrs Jones (KS2 Lead)


Mrs Lockton-Farrow


Mrs Kay (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Davis (Learning Support Assistant) (am)


Mrs O'Brien (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Ellis (Learning Support Assistant) (pm)

Year 5


Mrs Raffety

Miss Johnson

Miss Moriarty (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6

Red Kites

Mrs Hood



Mrs Eastwood (Teaching Assistant)



Inclusion Lead

Mrs Attanasio 


SEND Assistant

Miss Finn


Mental Health Lead 

Mrs Culley


Mental Health Lead Deputy 

Mrs Attanasio 


Italian Teacher 

Mr Corrado


Sports Coach 

Mr Hobbs


Learning Support Assistants 

Mrs Davis         Miss Azulay

Mrs Manning    Miss Cutler

Miss Bhatti       Mrs Devins

Miss Ellis         Mrs Stickings

Miss Price


Teaching Assistants 

Miss Bradbury  Miss Danks

Mrs Eastwood  Mrs Kay

Mrs Gazza       Miss Moriarty

Mrs O'Brien     Mrs Batchelor

Mrs Mooney    Miss Ellemore

Mrs Seabright


Higher Level Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Cox 


Senior Early Years Practitioners 

Miss Hickson

Mrs Hetherington

Mrs Dakin


Midday Supervisory Assistants

Miss Barley          Mrs Eastwood  

Mrs Sandi            Mrs Skinner    

Mrs Catling          Miss Hosier



Breakfast Club Staff
Miss Barley

Mrs Eastwood
Mrs Skinner

Mrs Sandi


School Business Manager

Mrs Maher


Office Manager

Mrs Maton 


Finance and Administration Officer

Miss Osborne


Home/ School Liaison

Miss Barley  


Site Manager
Mr Franklin


Mr Perry

Mrs Sandi 



Subject Leaders:

Mathematics- Mr Payne


English- Mrs Raffety


PE- Mr Payne


Computing- Mrs Jones


Geography- Miss Pawson


Religious Education- Mrs Lockton-Farrow


PSHE & School Council- Mrs Hood


MFL- Mrs Smith


Design & Technology- Miss Prowen


Art- Mrs Culley


Science- Mrs Trimby


History- Miss Clarke


Music- Miss Finn