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The Belswains School Association raise £4452.23 for the school with the sponsored Fun Run!

The children took part in a sponsored Fun Run to raise money for a Defibrillator and a new Buddy Bench for the school. The children had a great time. Each child received a certificate and a packet of sweets for taking part. We also set a prize for the class that got the most combined amount of laps. Year 1 Pumas won and received extra playtime and medals! We raised £4452.23, which is amazing. 


When one of the pupils asked his family to sponsor him, a VERY kind gentleman offered to donate a Defibrillator and an outdoor case to our school. The Defibrillator will be placed by the school office entrance with a plaque saying 'Pek' Defibrillator Kindly Donated 2020. The Defibrillator will also be available for the local community.